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About Facebook Advertising

Why should I advertise on Facebook?

You should advertise on Facebook because your audience is on Facebook, the ads are affordable and they can be targeted to your audience.

Currently, over 1.62 billion users visit Facebook on a daily basis! In the United States alone, 74% of active Facebook users use the site every day – giving you many opportunities to reach people that need your service on a daily basis. 

Facebook ads are also among the most affordable ads available to you. Whether you’re looking to spend $5 a day or $50 a day, Facebook can get you the most views and clicks for less money than other advertising opportunities. 

Finally, with the help of your Facebook advertising expert, your ads can target specific groups of people according to demographics, connections, interests, and behaviors, which help increase your leads and conversions! 

If you haven’t tried Facebook Advertising, we suggest giving it a try to see what the results can do for your business. 

Why should I hire a Facebook Ads Agency?

You should hire a Facebook ads agency because they are experts, giving you the benefit of the knowledge and experience they have been crafting for years. They know how to use the platform, craft the perfect ads for your ideal clients, and make sure your investment is used wisely. 

You may be tempted to learn and run Facebook ads on your own, taking time and effort away from running your own business and developing your own craft. Consider hiring Nine Line Media to save you time and money while reaching new clients on Facebook!

Why is Facebook advertising better than traditional advertising?

Facebook Advertising is better than traditional advertising like radio, billboards, and direct mail because it meets your target audience where they already are – on Facebook! Rather than spending large amounts of money on billboards that may be missed or mailers that may be thrown away, you can target customers that may actually need your services for a fraction of the price!

What is the process of getting started with Nine Line Media for Facebook Advertising?

The process to get started with Nine Life Media for your Facebook advertising is simply letting us know you’re interested! Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll set up a meeting to hear more about your business and your goals. From there we’ll walk you through our process and the tools we use to make getting new leads on Facebook a breeze. 

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